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Translations of Set Texts for 2018:

Although the principle is that tutors should be able to translate the Set Texts themselves as part of their teaching ability, nevertheless it is often helpful to have a translation available. These are not intended to be official, fixed translations but are provided as a guide.  At present, the following translations are available:


Ten Mahabharata Stories:

Story: 1 The Kauravas are Born  2 Bhima Eats Poison   3 Bhima Regains Consciousness   4 Ekalavya's Gift    5 The Pandava's House is Burnt Down   6 Draupadi is Protected by Krishna   7 Kicaka   8 Abhimanyu   9 Duryodhana is Slain   10 The Pandavas Ascend to Heaven 


Hitopadesha Stories: The lion, the mouse and the catThe crows and the serpent, with the lion, the old hare and the well; The birds and the apesThe ass in the tiger-skinThe hermit and the mouse that was changed to a tiger; The brahman and his jarThe brahman with the goat and the three rogues.

Blank Gita Text - available for practice  Click here

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