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Starting at Secondary Level


STARTING AT SECONDARY LEVEL - AGES 10 TO 16 YEARS and leading to the IGCSE examination:

If pupils have not studied Sanskrit previously, there is an introductory book.

Mahabharata Stories, books 1 to 3: age 10 to 13 years  (published by Motilal Banarsidass and available from all good retailers) These books are modern, student-friendly study books.

IGCSE Parts One & Two: age 14 to 16 years (Soon available to download free) NB IGCSE Part One is currently available from the video section.

Older course books are also available from this website:

St James Sanskrit Course Book 1a and 1/Year 7, including the teaching of Sandhi:  age 11/12 years (available to download free)

St James Sanskrit Course Book 2, including teaching of Sandhi:  age 13/14 years (available to download free)

St James Sanskrit Course Book 3:  age 14 to 15 years (available to download free)

In addition:

The Sanskrit Epic Civilization Course: age 14 to 16 years and should be taught alongside the books listed above. (available to download free)

Specific IGCSE exam practice should begin several weeks before the exams.  This consists of working through past exam paper questions.  The exam preparation requires translation and vocabulary practice, as well as thorough study of set  literature texts. Normally the examination is taken at age 16.

UPPER SECONDARY LEVEL - AGES 16 TO 18 YEARS - leading to AS and A Level examinations:

AS and A Level literature study booklets are available free to download and a suggested programme of study is available from the tutors' section. Contact ISER for the password. 

In addition: 'The Sanskrit Language, An Introductory Grammar & Reader Vols 1 & 2' , by Walter Harding Maurer (available on Amazon). This provides plenty of practice for the 'language' aspect of the AS and A Level examinations.



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