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General information about the CIE Sanskrit examinations

There are examinations at three levels of increasing difficulty :–


IGCSE International General Certificate of Education (age 16 years +) 

AS Advanced Subsidiary Level (age 17 years +)

A Level Advanced Level (age 18 years +) 


The ages in brackets are approximate only.  Adults, or students of a younger age than indicated, may also enter for these examinations.  You may only sit one level in any year.  To find out more about what is needed for each exam please refer to the detailed syllabuses.  Students who have studied other Sanskrit courses may find that they have covered most or all of the syllabus and are able to sit the examinations after a short preparation period.  Syllabuses are listed under the buttons at the side of this page for each level of exam.

At the IGCSE level for examination in 2018 there are two levels of difficulty – Option A (the easier level), and Option B (the higher level).  For more about the awarding of grades click here

The AS Level and A Level examinations are stand-alone examinations.  The AS results do not count towards the A Level Grade.  The advantage of stand-alone AS exams is that they count for a full grade as far as universities are concerned.

Grades available at AS are A to E, whilst possible A Level grades are A* to E.  These examinations are recognised by universities in the UK and worldwide.  For more information please see the Cambridge International Examinations website.

You may download appropriate study material free from this Sanskrit website and order additional recommended books from other suppliers. 

All the above examinations must be taken at a CIE, or British Council centre.  These are situated in countries throughout the world.

When you register to sit the exams at St James Schools in London one charge is made, no matter how many papers are involved. [At IGCSE there are 2 papers, at AS there are 2, and at A there are 3.]  Other CIE centres may have different charges and any interested person needs to enquire directly at their nearest CIE Centre for further details.

IGCSE 2019:

The form of the examination will change.  There will be one examination, consisting of 2 papers, covering all levels of ability. See details here

Latest update: 3.8.17