International Sanskrit Examination Resource

Two Year Self-Study Course   


This course includes learning of Sanskit language, study of literature (including the Bhagavad Gita) and an introduction to Epic and Vedantic thought.

This course, provided by 'Sanskrit@StJames' is free. You will be provided with: 

- an introductory Skype session and 2 more monthly online support sessions per term to answer questions and give guidance

- a unit of study each week via email .. this includes an MP3 giving guidance, as well as answers

- free resources throughout, including website videos

- the whole course lasts for 6 terms (3 per year)

    Sample unit: Term 1 unit 1 Read and listen together with Audio     The course uses IGCSE official vocabulary 

Please contact  to register for the next course starting mid to late April 2019. Registration information  Term Dates Participants, and teachers using these St James materials, are invited to give a small donation, if possible, to support the work of the 'Sanskrit@St James' - see .


NOTE: The course is for adult students who can read the Sanskrit script, and have been introduced to very simple sentence construction. If you need this introduction, please watch videos 1 to 9 and study this booklet to about half way.

If you wish to work completely on your own at your own pace, the first booklet is available from ISER

The new 'Self Study' course is created by 'Sanskrit@StJames' and is based on the original 'St James Senior Course' books.

Latest update: 1.4.19