International Sanskrit Examination Resource

Two Year Self-Study Course   


This course includes learning of Sanskit language, study of literature (including the Bhagavad Gita) and an introduction to Epic and Vedantic thought.

The supported course is currently fully subscribed and we do not have enough staff to cover more Skype support this year.

There are two possible Two Year Self Study Courses available (supported by email):


         Watch videos 1 to 9 and study this booklet.

         Watch videos 10 onwards, and use the published study books recommended in the videos.

2. USING FREE COURSEBOOKS, MP3s AND VIDEOS:  The main course is divided into 6 terms:

         Preparation: Watch videos 1 to 9 and study this booklet.

         To receive Term 1 Study Book (incl answers) and the weekly guidance MP3s, email You will also need the IGCSE 2019 Vocabulary list


Latest update: 6.5.19