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The first examination in the new format will be held in May/June 2019.  There will only be one examination made up of two papers.  The one examination will cover all levels of ability. The current form of the IGCSE® examination (Option A and Option B) will continue for 2017 and 2018.

1. 2019 Sanskrit Syllabus no. 0499 and specimen papers:   click here

2. 2019 Sanskrit Epic Civilisation Course:   click here

3. 2019 Sanskrit Literature Set Texts Study Aid: Texts in Sanskrit: click here  NOTE: The Study Aid booklet Gita section, pages 42 onwards, has been updated 19.8.17.

Translations: click here

4. 2019 Sanskrit Language Revision Workbook. click here This booklet is occasionally updated. If you have a query related to a booklet you have printed off in the past, check the latest version for any corrections.

5. Conjugation (verbs) and Declension (nouns) sheets

6. IGCSE Vocabulary list

7. 2019 IGCSE videos have been uploaded.  These cover the main points needed for the examination, appropriate study books, and suggest appropriate homework. Look under the IGCSE 2019 video menu for the relevant videos. Tests which follow Series 2, Videos 1, 4 and 7 should be helpful for checking progress.

8. For language study only (not literature), the free St James study books may still be used - see 'free resources' pages. 


Do not hesitate to contact the administrator if there are questions relating to the study books or to the Sanskrit content.


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