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Registration, results and grades

Study updates: Check the 'Latest Updates' section on the Home page for news of latest study support materials, or go to the Tutors' Section if you have registered for password access.

Exam Registration: Submit your entries before the beginning of February if possible.  If you have any queries please contact the administrator.

Exam results days: UK candidates receive their provisional results by post or email following the UK GCSE results day (last week of August). Candidates elsewhere in Britain and the world need to contact the CIE Centres where they sat the exam to confirm their particular arrangements in this regard.

Certificates: Final results certificates confirming the email results are posted when they become available.

Exam grade threshold marks 2018:  IGCSE   

(AS   A LEVEL - exams at this level are not currently available from Cambridge.)



Last update: 7.7.20