Sanskrit Course for Yoga Practitioners


* 'I love the course. The pace of the classes feels quite relaxed and the homework not at all burdensome, and yet after two terms we've all made good progress. Wonderful!' Kath, Teacher: Mindfulness & Compassion

* 'What an absolute privilege it is to be a member of this course. We are taught by such experienced, approachable and jolly teachers. Each week the teaching is divided into different subjects such as vocabulary, grammar, chanting and translation.' Heather, British Wheel of Yoga Teacher

'Having started 6 months ago wondering if I'd ever get to grips with a different alphabet I now find myself going back to original Sanskrit (Devanagari) texts to double check my pronunciation and other people's transliterations! I'm also enjoying renewing acquaintance with familiar chants in different rhythms and new chants which complement so much prior learning. In essence "loving the course"!' Christine, British Wheel of Yoga Teacher

'The course is tailored for yoga teachers and practitioners. It offers structured learning, outstanding tutors and excellent online resources. Lessons are recorded, so you never need to miss a class. It is a fantastic opportunity to learn Vedic chanting and to become familiar with classical Sanskrit literature. It is also fun and great value for money...but you do need to set time aside for self-study. No one comes to Sanskrit by accident – so if this course appeals to you, just go for it. Ruth, British Wheel of Yoga Teacher

* 'It's a great course! One of the best parts is the Vedic chanting, and being able to learn a new prayer or Gita verse every week or so - fantastic!' Sinduja, Yoga Practitioner

'This course is most enjoyable, and the resources and support really comprehensive. The teachers are friendly and really encouraging. Sanskrit is a fascinating language which has a unique and truly beautiful sound. Melanie



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