Sanskrit Course for Yoga Practitioners

Starting 11 January 2022, 7pm - 8.30pm

The teachers

From the BWY-qualified teacher of the upcoming course: 'The grammar is a source of wonder and to be able to use it to explore the Yoga Sūtras and other texts is exciting. Sharing that enthusiasm with students is most enjoyable and valuable.' full text  

From a previous student of Irena's: "I really enjoyed my Sanskrit classes with Irena. She clearly loved the subject, enjoyed teaching it and showed great affection for her students. She communicated her knowledge well and was always encouraging." Stephen 

In the second part of the evening students join breakout groups, for chanting and reading practice, each with its own teacher.

Importantly, our efforts are aimed towards providing a happy, supportive, learning environment.

The charity and the fee

Sanskrit@St James is an outreach charity passionate about the teaching of Sanskrit, with many generous donors of like mind who give generously of their time and money to help students and teachers around the world with the teaching and learning of Sanskrit. The fee for our Sanskrit for Yoga Practitioners course is designed to cover basic expenses. Read more

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More about the course & dates

Testimonials - what our students say


Membership of the 'British Wheel of Yoga' is not necessary. All welcome!
The examination itself is not obligatory but is recommended. Knowing the alphabet beforehand is helpful but still means you are a beginner in relation to our courses. A rare opportunity to study an established course with experienced teachers. For more information  about Sanskrit@StJames visit:


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