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2 Year Courses in Sanskrit for IGCSE


Weekly online classes 

The teacher ...

David Stollar BA: has taught Sanskrit to children and adults for over 40 years. He co-wrote the original Sanskrit course books for St James Schools and taught many of the teachers. He is the presenter of our very popular Sanskrit videos and is highly respected among his students and colleagues. He is an engaging personality and has a great talent for bringing the wisdom of the literature into daily life.

'I have arrived now into this position where this wonderful language can be learnt through the help of my teacher David Stollar, whose course is extremely well organised. The teaching style is effective because he is knowledgeable and engaging.' Testimonial

David's approach to teaching: 'In teaching Sanskrit the right hemisphere, the realm of wholeness and meaning, has to come first.' Read more

The charity...
Why are the fees so low? Sanskrit @ St James is a charity passionate about the teaching of Sanskrit, with many generous donors of like mind who give freely of their time and money.
This course is significantly subsidised to allow as many people as possible to benefit from the resources we offer.
One or two places will be available for students currently undergoing teacher training as well as qualified teachers who would like to teach the Sanskrit syllabus for IGCSE in schools. 


Latest update 19.1.21