International Sanskrit Examination Resource

Self-Study for Cambridge IGCSE®


Learn Sanskit language and literature (including the Bhagavad Gita) and an introduction to Epic and Vedantic thought.

A good level of basic knowledge is needed at the start in order to understand these materials.* 

This course is for private study for independent learners. Please apply to for:

- email support if needed

- video password

The deadline for entry for the IGCSE examination is the end of January each year. If you wish to register for an examination please contact a Cambridge Assessment Centre at: 

Even if you are not concerned with gaining qualifications, if you do take the exam it can help to keep this Sanskrit exam available in secondary schools

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Guidance Schedule

Vocabulary list

Term 1: Book  MP3s: (Click once only) 12345678910  Gita verses

Term 2: Main Book MP3s: (Click once only) 123456,  7,  8,  9

Term 2: Sandhi book  MP3s: (Click once only) sandhi week 6sandhi week 7,  sandhi week 8 sandhi week 9   sandhi week 10,  sandhi week 11&12

For Terms 3 - 6 please email 

*Complete beginners should watch videos 1 to 9 (see side menu) before starting.  

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