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Examination Application in the UK


London students must email or post their application form to the registrar, Mrs Priscilla Park Weir.  Please see the form for all the details. 

2022 London application form - Click here 

For London students, IGCSE examinations will take place at the St James Senior Boys School CIE centre at Ashford and at the St James Senior Girls School at Kensington Olympia (see Students will be notified after registration which centre will be applicable. 

The overall cost for IGCSE examination entry in 2022 for London candidates is £99. 

         Notes to be read in conjunction with the London Candidate Application Form:

Please ensure that your application form is accompanied by evidence of electronic bank transfer, a cheque, or PayPal receipt, as we will be unable to enter you without it. 

All forms must be completed and signed by the candidate, and received by the registrar before the 1st February 2022. 

Please read the Application Form carefully and write all details clearly in capital letters. 

Please write clearly in black ink only and use capital letters so that returned forms are legible. 

Confirmation of receipt of Application Forms will be given to all candidates via email.

UK but outside London:

Students must apply to a registered CIE centre, providing all necessary information to the exams officer, including a link to this site. Students will be entered by the local centre and the examination will be taken at that local centre which will also issue the results.  Please note that charges by providers other than St James may vary.  More information for examinations officers can be found elsewhere on this site. To find a Cambridge Centre which will accept private candidates, please visit:


Grades Range from  A* to G  i.e.  A*  A   B   C   D   E   F   G

The lowest pass grade awarded is G



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