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Higher Level (Post IGCSE) Examination


Timing of exam: There will be 3 papers: Saturday June 19th, 26th, 3rd July. Contact the registrar (see application form) for details of timings.

Certificate: Provided by 'Sanskrit @ StJames'. It will be an informal award not  recognised officially for university admission.  In order to be awarded a 'Sanskrit@StJames' certificate certain conditions will need to be met (see Instructions to Candidates and Invigilators - below).
Entry requirements: Entries only accepted from candidates who have sat the Option B IGCSE examination in 2017 or 2018, or the newer IGCSE from 2019 onwards.  Application Form
Closing date for entries: 31st March 2021.
Instructions to Candidates and Invigilators: Candidates    Invigilators

Literature Set Text Book & vocabulary which appears in set texts   Introduction to Panini grammar sutras  Panini grammar sutras 

Vocabulary: There is no specifically defined vocabulary for the Higher Level; it is assumed that a student has acquired a wide-ranging sense of Sanskrit vocabulary by this stage. At the very least, students are advised to ensure that the 

Vocabulary List   Erratum  is known for unseen translation and comprehension questions. 

Higher Level Exam syllabus

This exam will be similar to the previous A Level examination:

 A Level Specimen Paper 1 

A Level Specimen Paper 2

A Level Specimen Paper 3 

A Level Specimen Paper Mark Scheme 

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