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The Benefits of Sanskrit Study

The study of the Sanskrit language is attractive for many reasons...

Some people especially like the soothing, yet stimulating sounds of the simple, clear alphabet and enjoy the calming effects of the ancient Vedic prayers. Others are particularly enthused by an analytical approach and enjoy focussing on the intelligence and structure of the grammar which is said by some to be the greatest ever known. Some really appreciate the overall capacity of the language to challenge intellectually. If you are looking for some mental exercise Sanskrit is the perfect tool!

Certainly such a study is absorbing by its very nature and therefore has the added benefit of attracting the mind away from everyday issues and problems (or even boredom).

Many people value the insights into the extraordinary civilisation which gave rise to the Sanskrit language and the surprising discoveries to be made about the values which are held in common between east and west.

So this language offers something for everyone, and those who study it are nourished by touches of each of its aspects.



Last updated:  2/02/19